Why Hire Wolinetz and Horvath if You Need a Divorce Attorney in Powell, Ohio?

There are many reasons to hire an attorney when getting divorced in Powell, Ohio. It is critical to find the right attorney or law firm. The right firm can make the divorce go smoothly and end quickly. Here is why the law firm of Wolinetz and Horvath is the right choice when looking for a divorce attorney in Powell, Ohio.

Over 75 Years of Combined Experience

Something Wolinetz and Horvath have that few other family law firms do is a combined 75 years of experience. The firm has been helping people in Powell, Ohio settle divorces for a long time. The experience of each attorney at the firm makes it much easier to reach an amicable outcome. The lawyers also have the knowledge to unpack and resolve even the most complex situations involving children and assets. Hiring Wolinetz and Horvath is a good idea because experience can mean better results when going through a long divorce.

Compassionate and Reliable Representation

A divorce can be draining physically and emotionally for everyone involved. It is hard to be objective when dealing with a former spouse or with children. A reason to hire Wolinetz and Horvath is that clients always receive compassionate and reliable representation during a divorce. The attorneys understand what each person is going through. They will make every effort to streamline the divorce so that there is minimal stress by the end. The lawyers are also reliable and will meet deadlines, answer calls and litigate effectively so that there is no need to worry about what is happening with the divorce.

Extensive Support Staff

A benefit that comes from hiring Wolinetz and Horvath for a Powell, Ohio divorce is the extensive support staff. The firm has a staff of highly skilled and educated people waiting to help clients. This includes an extended network of experts and specialists who might be able to help contest key points during a complicated divorce proceeding. The staff can perform research, provide expertise and assist in defending against attacks from opposing attorneys.

Proactive Attorneys

A final reason to choose Wolinetz and Horvath in Powell, Ohio when a divorce attorney is needed is that the firm is proactive. The attorneys will not just sit around waiting to react. The lawyers will be actively attempting to advance the divorce. They will be working hard to reach a fair settlement so that clients can finally leave the experience behind. Proactive attorneys are a real asset during any divorce proceeding.