Why Hire Wolinetz and Horvath if You Need a Divorce Attorney in New Albany, Ohio?

When a couple decides to tie the knot, they have likely thought long and hard about the decision. After all, it’s intended to last a lifetime, and the partner chosen should be one with long-lasting compatibility. Despite this, around half of divorces in New Albany, Ohio end in divorce. Unforeseen situations and circumstances can and do arise, and anyone in the area who has found themselves in the position where divorce is necessary should consider a consult with Wolinetz and Horvath to ensure their rights are protected.

A Complicated Process

Divorce can get messy, and things can quickly spiral out of control. After all, emotions are usually high, and this often leads to further arguments and wasted time and resources. When clients instead choose to work with professional legal counsel, they can best ensure an unbiased and rational decision is being made.

Child Custody Arrangements

When children are involved, there are even more complications that can arise during the course of divorce proceedings. All too often couples find themselves arguing about who gets the children and when without thinking critically about what would actually work best. When an attorney is involved, they can help clients take a look at the big picture and more efficiently come up with a plan that takes everything into consideration. Just some of the details they can help manage include:

  • Custody arrangements
  • Child support details
  • Visitation schedules


Divorce can substantially change the daily routine of both partners. After all, they are choosing to support themselves separately, and this can be a huge transition to adapt to. As they are learning to live without their spouse, there often isn’t enough time to dedicate to the various types of paperwork involved in a divorce. With deadlines and minute details to ensure compliance with, having an attorney on board is often the best way to make sure everything is filed properly and on time. Wolinetz and Horvath knows the process well and ensures protocol is followed.

Protecting Clients’ Rights

Wolinetz and Horvath understands the intricacies of divorce, and they have the skills and experience to ensure each and every client receives the level of attention they deserve. These skilled professionals work hard to make sure the final agreements are ones that have everyone’s best interest in mind.