Why Hire Wolinetz and Horvath if You Need a Divorce Attorney in Dublin, Ohio

Divorce is a difficult time in a person’s life, but the right representation does make the process easier. Because of that, many people choose Wolinetz and Horvath when looking for a divorce attorney. This firm has a lot to offer people who are going through a divorce.

Team-Based Approach

People who use Wolinetz and Horvath don’t just get a lawyer. They get an entire team of professionals working to get the best outcome possible. This includes an experienced support staff and a variety of consultants. By taking a team approach, Wolinetz and Horvath provides a personalized service to clients. Each divorce is different, so this personal touch is the best way to get the desired outcome during a divorce.

Knowledge in All Aspects of a Divorce

A divorce is more than a dissolution of marriage. In many cases, it also includes child custody, spousal support, name changes, and more. Because Wolinetz and Horvath has experience in various areas of law, people do not have to shop around for multiple attorneys. They simply use the firm for all of their needs, making the process much easier. That ease of use is essential when going through something as difficult as a divorce. People are able to concentrate on the task at hand instead of worrying about where to find the next attorney.

Decades of Combined Experience with Ohio Law

An experienced lawyer can mean the difference in getting a favorable or unfavorable divorce settlement. The attorneys at Wolinetz and Horvath have more than 75 years of combined experience. That allows the lawyers to help their clients in ways that other lawyers simply cannot.

Going through a divorce is much easier with the help of Wolinetz and Horvath. While no one wants to find themselves in this position, it is much more tolerable when they have a solid team on their side, fighting for them every step of the way.