Why hire Wolinetz and Horvath if you need a divorce attorney in Bexley, Ohio?

A divorce is can be an emotionally charged and stressful process in Bexley, Ohio. It will always help to have a lawyer present to ensure fair treatment during the divorce. One local law firm has been dedicated to family law for a long time. Here are the reasons to hire Wolinetz and Horvath when looking for a divorce attorney in Bexley, Ohio.

Over 75 Years of Experience

One of the first reasons to hire Wolinetz and  Horvath in Bexley, Ohio is because the firm has 75 combined years of experience in family law. This includes handling some incredibly complex divorce cases. All of that experience can be used to help settle a divorce amicably and quickly. Experience is important because many parts of a divorce are governed by complicated laws. The attorneys at the firm know the latest laws and will do everything possible to protect the interests of clients.

Protect Personal Assets

A divorce in Bexley, Ohio can sometimes become very messy. Spouses sometimes fight for assets in an attempt to get as much as possible from the divorce. The lawyers at Wolinetz and Horvath will work to protect the most important assets belonging to clients. The attorneys can sometimes negotiate to keep certain assets. There might be legal reasons why a particular asset cannot be included in a divorce. The attorneys will attempt to protect the assets of every client.

Handle Opposing Attorneys

The opposing attorneys in a divorce might be incredibly aggressive or use underhanded tactics to get something. Wolinetz and Horvath in Bexley, Ohio will be able to handle the opposing attorneys. The lawyers will shield clients from frivolous legal motions and intimidation. This can make the entire divorce go much smoother than attempting to reach a settlement without representation.

Get Personal Attention

Every client from Bexley, Ohio who comes to Wolinetz and Horvath will receive personal attention from the start. No two divorce cases are exactly the same. There are always unique aspects that need to be treated delicately. The attorneys at the firm will sit down and listen. The lawyers will take the time to fully understand the circumstances of the separation. This will make the lawyer more effective during negotiations or a trial.

Deal With Custody and Child Support Issues

A final reason to choose Wolinetz and Horvath is to deal with custody and child support issues. These are some of the most complex and sensitive issues that must be faced during a divorce in Bexley, Ohio. The lawyers know how to negotiate and create binding agreements in this area. The result could be custody and child support agreements that will benefit everyone involved.